It looks like rain…but it isn’t raining…

24 Aug

I was at work today doing my usual thing (doing a little work, playing a lot of Hearts) when something a little unusual happened–the phone rang and it WASN’T someone who wanted to annoy me (that would be pretty much everyone who calls DATA). It was *gasp* a police officer of the law! He started asking me some pretty weird questions–do we track or audio record our phone calls or keep any kind of paper records of our phone calls, how many phone lines do we have ringing into the office (answer: FOUR!), and is it plausible that someone could try to call us three times in a row and not be able to get through to a live person?

So I’m thinking to myself, “You have GOT to be kidding me! Don’t EVEN tell me that someone who wanted a bus ride went down to the police station to report DATA for not answering the phone, and now the cop is ACTUALLY investigating it!?!” I mean that’s really what he made it sound like, like someone couldn’t get a bus and was pissed and wanted to file charges against us. For what? I couldn’t say. Negligence? Misappropriation of public funds? Criminal playing of Hearts instead of doing actual work? I don’t know. So I told him that we don’t really keep much in the way of records, that people just call in and we only keep the people in the computer system if they actually take the ride. If they call and cancel it, or if it’s a cash fare no show, the ride just gets deleted or never entered.

I could tell the cop was getting frustrated with me (mainly because he was muttering about not wanting to have to get a search warrant for our phone records), so I said to him that maybe he should just lay the case straight out and I would do my best to help him. So he told me the situation (which I won’t blog about!), but which was basically that he wanted to track a person’s ride and/or phone call from April of this year and was it possible to do that? I told him that it was possibly possible, and I would look into it and get back to him. So I looked into it and it took a surprisingly short amount of time to find the paper record of the call, so now he’s all happy (or he will be when he gets back to work in the morning since he called me at 3:56 and said he got done with work at 4:00) and I’m all happy because…woohoo, the cops weren’t actually investigating why someone couldn’t get a bus ride!

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One response to “It looks like rain…but it isn’t raining…

  1. Heather Hereau

    May 10, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    By the way, they were investigating a girl who burned her baby and she ended up getting 15 years in prison!


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